A sermons series on Acts 1-8 at the Branch Christian Church. The series traces the work that Jesus continued to do through the Holy Spirit. In particular, it traces the expansion of the gospel as the disciples, empowered by the Holy Spirit, are Jesus’ witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.

The story of Acts begins in Jerusalem during the time between Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, with the first main event, Pentecost, taking place 50 days after Jesus’ resurrection. The first half of Acts focuses on Peter and the other apostles, while in the second half the focus shifts to Paul.

Series Outline

  • May 17 Acts 1:1-26 The Acts of Jesus Through the Holy Spirit
  • May 24 Acts 2:1–41 The First Gospel Sermon
  • May 31 Acts 2:42–47 & 4:32–37 The First Church
  • June 7 Acts 3 The First Miracle
  • June 14 Acts 4:1–31 The First Persecution
  • June 21 Acts 4:32–5:14 The First Judgement
  • June 28 Acts 5:12–42 The First Escape
  • July 5 Break
  • July 12 Acts 6:1–7 The First Disagreement
  • July 19 Acts 6:8–8:1 The First Martyr
  • July 26 Acts 8:1-40 The Gospel Spreads